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Shoo is a bug repellant made from pure essential oils.

Shoo contains:

Lemon eucalyptus- known to be effective at preventing mosquito bites, and in high concentrations may reduce attachment of ticks.

Citronella – has been shown to be as effective against mosquitos, dose for dose as effective as DEET

Lavender – traditionally used in personal repellants- and smells lovely ☺

Kunzea – a native Australian plant known as tick bush as animals are often found to sleep under or rub against to bush for protection from ticks, also shown to have a short term (approx. 1hr) effect against mosquitos

Remember to apply often (at least every two hours) as essential oils dissipate more quickly than chemical preparations.

Shoo has also been used against hair lice, green ants and to deter flies on horses


Filtered water, organic vegetable glycerine, almond oil solubilizer, essential oils – lemon eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, kunzea

How to use

Remember to apply often (at least every two hours) as essential oils dissipate more quickly than chemical preparations.

This is not a chemical insect repellent, if you live in areas with mosquito born disease you will need extra protection. However it works great at deterring a bugs to some extent.

Available in 125mL or 250mL recycled plastic bottles.


Keep below 30*


Always patch test before use on a small area of skin, in the unlikely event a skin irritation occurs discontinue use immediately.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great repellant for ticks in our garden and mosquitoes . Excellent packaging , quick shipping and great communication .

Shaunagh Willman

Shoo is the most effective natural mozzie repellent I have come across! I’m always the mozzie magnet of our family and can now dare to stay outside at dusk without all the irritation of a full mozzie attack. My lovely niece gifted me a bottle of Shoo and I shall definitely be ordering more.

No bites!

We live near water and sandflies & mozzies seem to always zero on me! Shoo is the first product I've found to stop their bites which leave me with huge residual annoying welts for days! Fantastic product!
Thankyou Twig Botanicals!