Well, Hello!

I’m an Herbalist who loves making potions - in the kitchen, for healing and for skin.

I began making my own skincare products as I became increasingly dissatisfied with the natural options available. During my studies I was exposed the the joy of making herbal creams and tinctures and my confidence in what I was making grew. But it was when I decided to take control of my massive frustrations in finding an effective natural deodorant that things really took off. You see I had a cupboard full of natural deodorants that had worked for a week or so then left me smelly and self-conscious. As a herbalist I fully understand the importance of taking care with what I put on my skin, so I set out to make the best natural deodorant possible with simple, natural ingredients... and my customers loved it!

So from those early days of mixing in my kitchen and selling my tiny range at the markets and local organic shop, to now having a dedicated workshop, loyal customers worldwide and a dinky di website, I am still loving making natural skincare for you.

As a herbalist at heart, I love adding healing herbs to my products. I know just how well they can work so you will find a little healing magic in every jar!.

Thank you for trusting me with your skincare, and for supporting small business. I truly appreciate all the support and kind words of all my customers.

Much love,