Here at Twig Botanicals it is my dream to make the best quality natural skincare for you and our earth.

This means:

Using simple, natural toxin free ingredients. Almost all ingredients are simply plants in powder, oil or butter form. All scents are pure essential oils. They are all used with intention in each product so you are not exposed to unnecessary or mysterious ingredients like 'fragrance'. 

Using as much recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging as I can.

Sourcing locally whenever possible. For example Beeswax often comes from a very local beekeeper, Sweet almond oil is grown and harvested in Australia, many of the clays in Twigs Face masks are Australian clays.

Purchasing ingredients in large sizes to reduce packaging waste and shipping trips.

Your orders are packed thoughtfully in recyclable/compostable 'greenwrap' and you will often receive them in a repurposed box. If bubble wrap or packing peanuts are used, know that they are reused and were destined for landfill from  local businesses. You can recycle soft plastics at your local RedCycle bin.

Constantly journeying towards more sustainable practices and ingredients. As a small business it can be difficult to source small quantities of some items but I'm always looking for ways to reduce Twigs impact on our earth. 

All of Twigs products are lovingly handmade, handpoured and initially formulated by me, Katie. This is a true small family business and I appreciate every single sale and all feedback from my lovely customers!