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I am seeing clients for Naturopathic herbal consultations at ATUNE Health - Cardiff on Wednesdays. Book Now

About me

katie harvison herbalistLike so many other healers, my path to becoming a Naturopathic Herbalist started with my own health journey. 

I've always wanted to help others- this showed up as dabbling in the study of massage, starting a degree in psychology, completing one in community development and finally, after my own life changing health journey during which an Herbalist changed everything, I began my Herbal Medicine adventure. This journey was heavily influenced by growing up in a home full of natural home remedies, my childhood remedy for earache was to hold a warmed cut onion to my head.

While studying herbal medicine, a study that truly never ends, I began making my skincare range Twig Botanicals.

A few years and two children later I am working at an Acute Herbal Dispensary, seeing clients for quick consultations and for full appointments. 

What I do

I have been making plant medicine for 10 years, and deeply appreciate the profound and wide reaching benefits of herbal medicine; a cream can help clear skin and soothe pain but a carefully blended tonic gets to the root of things for better sleep, balanced hormones', improved digestive health, more energy, stable moods, reduced anxiety, clearer skin and so much more.

During a consultation I spend about an hour chatting with you about your health story and evaluating what we need to work on together. While investigating this, we will get to the root of what is going on, to initiate healing from the cause of the issue, and I will create a treatment plan that addresses both symptomatic relief and the deeper healing required to move into wellness.

This may include an individualised blend of potent herbal medicines, any required supplements, and gentle, manageable shifts in diet and lifestyle. Change can be hard, and I am here to support you in restoring balance, finding improved wellness and vitality, and feeling good! 

I am committed to ongoing professional learning and am a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.  

Open for appointments Wednesdays at ATUNE Health Centres - Cardiff

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