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Dish soap
Dish soap

Dish soap

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This zero waste bar dish soap is a powerhouse!

And it is not just for dishes. Clean your benches, wash your floor, remove laundry stains, use it as an occasional kitchen soap for your hands (though it may be drying with lots of use). It can almost do anything. Think of granny using her soap for all manner of cleaning and that is what this soap can do, but without the harshness.

Made from simply saponified organic coconut oil and saponified organic olive oil, this soap is good for you and the environment. 

To use simply swish in dish/cleaning water, or rub with your cloth or scrubber for a good lather and clean away!

Remember to rinse your dishes well.

  • 100% plastic-free
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% cruelty free and not tested on animals
  • 100% palm oil free
  • Unscented
  • Made in Australia!

Bar size : min 90g